Introducing our partner organisations!

We have been silently preparing for the sprint but it’s time to introduce our partner organisations this year.


Disior is a company transforming treatments and providing the best experience of having possible treatments. Disior™’s analytics software is a fast and cost-effective way to obtain reliable information from medical images in three-dimensions. They design 3D image analytics software for clinicians. They have the best simulation and modelling systems.  

Using their software, surgeons are able to plan surgery in more detail compared to conventional methods. They currently have various modules like 3D treatment planning for foot and ankle, hand and wrist, bonelogic planning module etc. These modules have helped in creating patient-specific treatment plans.  Each anatomy-specific module enables specialist clinicians to have the objective data needed for diagnosis, treatment planning and assessment of treatment outcomes. Disior is solving the problem of manually getting information from CT and CBCT imaging, which includes the key to understanding a patient’s symptoms. Automating the process makes it faster in terms of time and less prone to human error.  

Disior as a company says, “Our software has helped make treatment decisions easier and facilitated better outcomes for patients”. Disior has received a lot of good feedback from across Sweden, Finland and Switzerland. 

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Spouse Program

The Spouse Program is a service provided by the city of Helsinki and it is part of the implementation of the Talent Boost Programme of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (TEM) and the Ministry of Education and Culture (OKM). The service is mainly targeted at spouses who have relocated to Finland with their partners. Through this service, they provide a supportive and active community and offer you valuable guidance. As of now, the service is available for international spouses living in Helsinki, Espoo or Vantaa.  

The service has received a lot of good feedback. One of the feedback included it helped to provide support to rebuild social and professional networks. This program is also aiming to make Helsinki and the capital region more inclusive. As the community has started to grow huge, the people in the community help each other to understand the Finnish job market, how to build my CV, how to make a compelling pitch, and correctly utilize LinkedIn. On the other hand, the program is helping companies to find the right talent from a pool of highly skilled talent. Currently, they have 40 partnering organizations, including companies, public players and NGOs. The program offers career coaching, workshops & events, and a professional network for pitching. 

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Finnadvance is a 3 year old company that is accelerating drug development. The company develops platforms which recreate tissue models with microfluidic flow patterning and hydrogel coatings. These models simulate tissue and organ function, mechanics and physiological response, simulating human organs in miniature.  

Finnadvance has scaled down animal tests, 26% cost reduction for drug development, multiple organ-on-chip designs, and succeeded in clinical trials with better preclinical data. They have designed multiple Organ-On-Chips that can mimic various tissues in humans and animals. The tissues include among others the Blood-Brain-Barrier, Vasculature and Lungs. The need for the platform has already been confirmed by several academic research collaborators. They also offer collaboration opportunities to Academic Research Groups. 

Finnadvance has secured a €1.2 million seed financing round led by Finnish investor Athensmed and has many other investors like Voima Ventures, Icebreaker, Takoa Invest. 

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CSE Entertainment

CSE Entertainment is a world-class developer of virtual reality, interactive fitness and rehabilitation games and devices from Kajaani. They aim to make everyone smile and enjoy their daily dose of movement, whether, during a daily exercise at the fitness club, casual power break between the glasses at the school, waiting at the next flight at the airport or even during at the rehabilitation period at the hospital. Their specialities are in exergaming, fitness, education and sport.

The company was founded in 2012. They categorise themselves within Wellness and Fitness services and want to make fitness a fun activity. All their products are designed and manufactured in Finland. Their products include an iWall which motivates people to move with the help of games, tapWall which is a touch screen with memory and reaction speed exercises for all ages and runBeat which is a treadmill-based competition game. Their cycloBEAT game lets you race another on an exercise bike, their groupBEAT makes group exercise more fun and personal whereas rehabWall helps in rehabilitation treatments.  

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