First partner announcement!

While preparations for Digital Wellbeing Sprint are in full speed, it’s time to announce our first partners!

In this blog we are happy to introduce you to three companies making the world a safer and healthier place, please welcome Emooter, ViaEsca and AddSecure.


A lot of people struggle with stress, high workload, or even burnout. They might have a hard time finding meaning or motivation in their work. Emooter is an app for improving mental wellbeing at work. Emooter is a science-based and scalable virtual guide that helps people, teams, and companies improve and sustain their mental well-being at work.

In a nutshell, Emooter:

  • helps employees take better care of their wellbeing so that they can enjoy their work, sustain good health, and become more engaged and successful.
  • helps the team leaders to stay better aware of their team’s wellbeing
  • enables taking action before problems get out of hand
  • is designed to be preventive and proactive, engaging on a personal level

“Success in business, work, and life is built on great wellbeing. Take better care of mental wellbeing and engagement at work with Emooter.” – says Dani Pärnänen from Emooter.

Emooter has great experiences from working with students and student groups in multiple short projects. That is why they want you to join their challenge in DWS 2021!

“We want to work with students on this project to get some fresh and out-of-the-box thinking and nudge our ideas forward. The format of the sprint is very efficient for this purpose. We also believe that the students from diverse backgrounds bring a lot to the table. The ideas and concepts developed during this sprint are very likely to be implemented in one way or another and could benefit a lot of people around the world.” – Dani Pärnänen from Emooter concludes.


ViaEsca is a Finnish start-up operating in the field of health, food and wellness. Their mission is to help people change their eating habits for the better and live a healthier lifestyle. ViaEsca has created a training program aiming at changing eating habits permanently and helping people find a long-lasting balance between the consumption of calories and eating healthy food in an easy and motivating way.

Do you want to have an impact in peoples’ lives? Join ViaEsca at DWS!

“If You are looking for a challenge that has a huge impact on people’s lives and to the environment this is it. Changing the way and what people eat is one of the biggest challenges of the world. We can’t change the whole world but we can help the people who are looking for a permanent change to their eating habits.” – says Tuomas Teinilä from ViaEsca.


AddSecure is a leading European provider of premium IoT solutions with a focus on secure data and critical communications. In Finland, the company has been providing security telephone services for more than 25 years to about 200 municipal customers. AddSecure operates with three main principles at heart:

  • A safer everyday life at home now and in the future
  • Continuously evolving human-centric technology
  • Working together towards safer and smarter world

Are you looking for a challenge to contribute to secure data and communications?  Join AddSecure at Digital Wellbeing Sprint!

“We want to learn new things together. It is important for us to hear students’ innovative thoughts and ideas from which we hope together we will learn and develop a better future.” – Santtu Ahonen from AddSecure concludes.

We are looking forward to working with all of you during the sprint!

Stay tuned for more partner announcements soon!

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