Last chance to enrol in Digital Wellbeing Sprint. Join by 28.3.

Best about DWS: “It’s interesting to be a part of innovating something new!”

Would you like to challenge yourself with real clients and get credits for it? The Digital Wellbeing Sprint (DWS) is an intensive course for both bachelor and master level students in the 3AMK Universities of Applied Sciences Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia.  During the Sprint you will innovate future services for healthcare and wellbeing service providers coming from public and private sectors. You have one week left to enrol (until 28.3!) – click here to reserve your spot!

Last year’s participants tell that the best thing in the Digital Wellbeing Sprint was meeting new people and learning to use new digital tools.

“I liked the overall idea of the Sprint. I could see the difference in how in the first day we didn’t even know what to do with the project and the last day we were presenting a very functional prototype!”

“DWS was very well organized, and the teachers and tutors were very helpful and nice, which made this course enjoyable and interesting. I also liked our group`s challenge and it was nice to work with our company representative and get good feedback from him.”

According to students, the course was intensive but very interesting, and time flied.

“If you want to challenge yourself and witness a project from scratch in just one week, the Digital Wellbeing Sprint is your best choice.”

Come along and you will network and gain useful experience.  All you need is an innovative attitude and curious mind. The sprint includes 7 intensive working days. During this time students will ideate in multidisciplinary teams and hear lectures from professionals. Students will also have a chance to test their ideas with real users.

Last year’s students described the sprint as a fun, exciting week where they learnt a lot:

“At the beginning, you may feel it’s challenging.  At the end, you will only feel the excitement and hard to say goodbye.”

“DWS offers you an unforgettable experience. You get to go outside your comfort zone and bring out your ideas. And the best part is, there is no bad ideas! You will experience a rollercoaster ride during one week and your mood will swing from time to time. But still, the experience is worth it and it something everyone should try out!”

Digital Wellbeing Sprint will be conducted online/hybrid on 21 May – 28 May 2021. Please notice that in case the situation enables, there will also be some physical meetings. Be prepared that the sprint days are intensive, long and full of hard work.  On the other hand, the experience will be fun and teach you hands on skills for your future career. Enrol today and we will see you at the Sprint, welcome!

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